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Caveat emptor is the term designed by and for the business of horses. The contracts used by buyers and sellers must be crafted to protect all parties, with the emphasis of buyer beware

The preparation and enforcement of contracts is in the hands of the legal counsel, however, from time to time, it becomes necessary for outside input, perhaps from someone with more horse expertise in the disposition and uses of the horse. Guidance in the process of crafting the language and benefits of a contract can be significant, whether it be a lease, sale, or breeding contract.

Interpretations and enforcement of contracts are the other side of contractual arrangements which cannot be overlooked. Establishing clear understandings and compliance with acceptable ‘horse based’ options is critical in the fulfillment of any contract under dispute. Whether it is a breeding, boarding, training or exhibition contracts, there are always variations to affect the outcomes of well intended agreements. Reasonable solutions can be reached through mediation using, an experienced horseman that understands the values and obligations.

Issues associated with the transportation of horses from safety to delivery guarantees, can be contested. Reasonable care during these periods is critical, hence the importance of understanding issues associated with care, custody and control.

Working to achieve harmony in the horse business can be achieved through well written agreements and contracts to outline the responsibilities and obligations for all. Legal horse expertise is very important.

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